Single serve coffee brewers are a passionate item these days, as consumers search out for convenient ways to make good quality coffee in their homes. But with so many options to choose from, many consumers find it difficult selecting the best single serve coffee maker.

This article will provide helpful information on choosing the best maker for the home. Firstly the different types of machines on the market. Then some key things you should consider when narrowing down your purchasing decision are discussed.

Types Of This Makers On The Market

Although there are some makers on the market, they can be broken down into two categories: ones which may include regular coffee and things which make specialty coffee.

Probably the most popular regular coffee machines are made by Keurig. These makers use small capsules called “k-cups” to generate coffee. The great thing about using k-cups is that they are super easy to use and require no messy clean-up. Plus, since you’re making only one cup at a time, you can mix up your coffee choices every day.

However, as these makers do not produce espresso or froth milk, they are unable to produce specialty beverages.

The single serve coffee makers that produce specialty beverages all have some mechanism for making espresso and milk. For instance, the Dolce Gusto machines accept pods as well. However, it makes the drinks a little bit differently.

For example, to make a latte, you would first brew a shot of espresso by inserting an “espresso” disk into the machine. Then you would steam and froth the milk by entering the “latte” disk into the computer. As you can see, it is a two-step process.

If you’re the type that likes to make specialty beverages, then the best single serve coffee maker for you will be one capable of producing espresso and frothed milk.

Things To Consider

Now every single makers work a little bit differently, which is why it is essential to do research advanced you purchase one.

If you like a wide selection of flavored coffee, then you will want to select a Keurig machine. They simply have the most extensive collection, from Starbucks roasts to Van Houtte roasts, to extreme flavors such as Pumpkin Spice.

Lastly, if you want to use freshly ground coffee, then you will want to avoid pod machines altogether. Instead, you should go for the best single serve “scoop” machine, is it uses a generate scoop that you fill with coffee to produce beverages.