Four Benefits of Cucumber Water

Four Benefits of Cucumber Water

The next time you are feeling thirsty, you may want to consider drinking some cucumber water. Not only does cucumber water genuinely hydrate the body, it can also help you to look better and feel better overall. Here are the benefits associated with drinking cucumber water:

cucumber water

1. Provides Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Although vital to the body, water in itself is not an excellent source of vitamins. By adding cucumbers, you are also adding vitamins as well as minerals which will assist in supplementing your diet. There are many cucumber water recipes which also incorporate fruit; therefor you will also be getting extra vitamins such as Vitamin A and Vitamins C as well as antioxidants from those. Being as these vitamins are being sourced for whole foods as opposed to synthetic vitamins, your body will better absorb and use them than if you were drinking waters labeled as containing additional vitamins and minerals.

2. Helps Keep You Hydrated

The many benefits of maintaining hydrated such as helping your cardiovascular system, maintaining the right body temperature and assisting to cleanse out any toxins, are experienced when you meet your specific water needs. When they are getting sufficient water, each of your organs is able to do its job better and you will have more energy. A little extra is added to regular water with cucumber water which makes people more likely to drink helping you to stay hydrated on a daily basis.

3. Curbs Appetite

When you are hungry, drinking a glass of cucumber water can help you make it until your next meal. If you eat when you are not actually hungry is when you are more likely to gain weight, feel sluggish and throw off a natural cycle of eating. If it is not yet mealtime and you feel hunger setting in, maybe you are simply thirsty. The same signal is used by thirst and hunger; you can determine if hunger is what you are actually experiencing by drinking cucumber water. You can really boost your health by saving yourself from even a few unwanted meals in a week.

4. Brings Down Blood Pressure

It is very important to keep your blood pressure in check as it will prevent you from debilitating diseases such as heart attack, stroke, vision loss or kidney disease. When you drink cucumber water, you are staying properly hydrated; thanks to the 4% DV of potassium found in cucumbers, you are also helping to keep your blood pressure at it proper levels.

Essentially cucumbers do not contain any sodium so you will get the maximum benefits of this extremely important mineral, this is very helpful especially for those with concerns about high blood pressure. It is however important to make sure that you do not go too far with you water intake, what you want if the Goldilocks amount of “just right.”

Cucumber water offers many benefits; these are just a few of them. It can also help soothe your skin, is great for your muscles has amazing antioxidant and detoxifying properties and research has shown that it could have anti-cancer benefits. With all that cucumber water offers, why not start adding it into your daily routine and experience these amazing benefits.

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